Who are we?
Colleagues in The History Faculty are university lecturers from across the UK. All are experts in the themes and questions they address in the podcasts.

What are we?
The History Faculty is an online learning resource designed to compliment and reinforce students’ learning experience at secondary school. Its primary focus is to provide downloadable vodcasts and podcasts that begin to answer and uncover some of the key historical issues and debates studied during this process. Additionally, the History Faculty provides reading lists, images, and links to approved websites, to assist students and teachers. You can keep up-to-date with all the latest podcast and resource additions by signing up to our blog. You can also ask questions or have your say in The Forum.

Who are you?
While our site was set up to assist those of you studying and teaching history at secondary school, these podcasts are also intended to be of great value to undergraduates looking for an overview of or introduction to particular subjects, and those members of the public who are interested in history.